October 12, 2016

What Are The Different Types Of Bikes

pashley_twobikes2Bikes are used for different purposes like day rides, touring, just getting around the town, commuting to work, training etc. If you don’t have experience in buying bikes before then this article will help you decide on how to pick a suitable bike as per your needs.

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Even school children can use bicycles to commute to school. Bicycling is an easy fitness exercise and offers various health benefits. The website http://www.portlandoregon.gov/transportation/article/281464 contains the health benefits associated with biking.

There are different types of bikes available, so you must know how one bike is different from another and this helps to pick the right bike type suited for your requirement.

· Mountain Bikes offer more speed and it best suited for trials. If you live in a big city where you can ride only on the roads then the mountain bike will not be the best option for you to buy. It has flat handlebars, heavy weight, and its fat tires give a rolling resistance. The flat handlebars give only few holding positions that can create numbness in your hands on long rides. Though there are numerous downsides in mountain bikes you can change the mountain bike for one more suitable for road use by modifying the knobby tires with slick tires.
· Hybrid Bikes combine the features of both road bikes and mountain bikes and majority of the features of hybrid bikes makes it most suitable for road usage. The flat handlebars of this bike are designed a little higher than the ones found in mountain bikes and it is made with trigger style gear shifters. The features of the hybrid bikes differ from one manufacturer to another. Similar to mountain bikes, hybrid bikes don’t provide high gearing which brinks pedaling much faster and easier.

The upright riding position in hybrid bikes is the best feature and most of the people are interested in it since they feel more comfortable and it is a true fact for short rides at slow to moderate speed level. For road usage, you can pick a basic hybrid bike than selecting mountain bike. But the downside in this bike is it is not ideal choice for long rides since it offers only limited performance.

· Road Bikes contain drop handlebars and is suitable for road riding and racing. A very important feature of road bikes is that it has an upright riding position as it is made with relaxed geometry and taller head tubes. Because of its unique features it is more comfortable to the riders. You can raise the handlebars higher easily by changing the standard stem. If you need a road bike for touring then you must ensure whether it carries heavy loads for riding long distance. The touring bikes are made with heavy materials and so it is strong.

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